Where do I start? How do I learn patternmaking?


This website has the information you need to start learning to make your own patterns.  If you are a complete beginner, I recommend you work through this list:

  • Practice manipulating darts, working through the examples given in the Manipulating Darts menus (under Principles of Patternmaking).
  • Read through the Contouring section of the Principles menu.
  • Read the page on Added Fullness in the Principles menu.
  • Using your Third Scale Blocks, follow along with a few patterns, making sure you first read the Plan of Action. At first you may have to follow step-by-step, after a while you should be able to make the pattern on your own, just referring to the instructions if you get stuck, or to check something.
  • Come up with your own designs, and try to create them (still using Third Scale Blocks) using the principles covered and referring to the Garment Elements menu for creating collars, sleeves, etc.  See where your gaps in knowledge are, and work on those.
  • Create your own blocks; either to fit, or to standard measurements.
  • Start using full size blocks to make your own patterns.

Note Regarding Comments & Emails

With the exception of emails regarding purchased Blocks or Books, please be aware that I only answer comments or emails every two or three weeks.

I can only answer questions that take 5 minutes of my time.

The content I provide on this website is free but that does not mean I also provide unlimited one-on-one free assistance.

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