Learn How To Draft Your Own Custom Blocks
Buy Standard Blocks Sizes 6-22
Learn The Principles of Patternmaking
Learn How To Draft Patterns
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Learn How to Draft Your Own Custom Blocks

Under the Blocks Menu you can find step-by-step instructions for drafting the following Blocks:  Bodice, Sleeve, Skirt & Pants.   In my system I draft the Bodice Block based on the Upper Bust rather than the Bust; this eliminates the need to make a large-bust-adjustment for those with a non-standard bust (i.e. anything other than a B-Cup).  Note that Bust Cup sizes for Patternmaking are different (and can be VERY different) to Bra Cup sizes.   See my YouTube videos for comprehensive detail.

Buy downloadable standard blocks/slopers in sizes 6-22

Under the Blocks Menu you can find the Blocks For Sale pages. You can purchase Standard Blocks in sizes 6 – 22.

Learn the principles of patternmaking

Under the Principles Menu find information on Contouring, Dart Manipulation and Added Fullness.  The Dart Manipulation pages contains step-by-step instructions for manipulating the Styles shown in these images.