Video: How to Make the Basic Bodice Block Back (UPDATED) Metric Measurements


Note that there is an error in this video at (mins) 3:23 mins. From G1 to H should be your Shoulder Length + 0.5 inch dart. (If you follow the instructions as is, you will end up with Back Shoulder Length shorter than the Front Shoulder Length. At some point I will redo the video and correct this mistake.


12 September 2021

There is another mistake in this video which means you will end up with your side seam about 1 inch too short.  The details of the mistake and some corrected instructions (written until I have time to redo the videos) can be found here.

As of 12 September 2021, and I have written the explanation of the problem and the Bodice Front corrections.  I will finish the Bodice Back corrections as soon as I can.


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