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Blocks & Step-by-Step Booklets

On my website I sell both Standard Blocks and some Step-by-Step booklets. The blocks I sell directly through my website and the payment gateway is Stripe.  You can only pay by credit card. The booklets I sell through my Ko-Fi shop.  This means when you click on the link to buy the book, it takes you to the Ko-Fi website and my shop there. Through the Ko-Fi shop you can pay with by PayPal or Stripe. I will be moving my blocks onto my Ko-Fi shop at some point. As as April 2022 the booklets are:
  • Drafting Custom Pants Block – Imperial Version
  • Drafting Custom Pants Block – Metric Version
  • Drafting Custom Bodice Blocks – Imperial Version
  • Drafting Custom Bodice Blocks – Metric Version
These booklets contain the same information as the corresponding YouTube video; with the booklets you can progress at your own pace without having to pause and rewind the video.

Block Information

This website contains instructions for making your own blocks;  if you do it yourself the cost is minimal, however you will need basic equipment such as patternmaking paper, square ruler, pencils, etc.  If your figure is very close to a standard figure you may choose to purchase blocks instead.

Purchase Blocks or Make Your Own?

If you do not want spend the time making your own block to begin with, if it seems too difficult, you don’t have the time, or you’d rather start with a ready-made block, you can purchase a block for immediate download and use it as your base.  You can make a toile out of calico, fit that toile, then make the necessary changes to the block.

What you need

You will need an printer that can print A4 or Letter size, sticky tape, scissors and some patternmaking cardboard so that you have a usable block that can be used for tracing around (paper is not good for that!). Go to the Measurements pages and choose the correct size for you.


Bodice Blocks (one size) AUS $12.00 Blocks  (one size) AUS $6.00 Pants Blocks (one size)  AUS $8.00 Complete Set (one size) AUS $20.00

Detailed Measurements for each Block Set can be found in the Purchasing Block Menu on the right-hand side.


I can guarantee the block is made to the measurements specifications I have given.  I can’t guarantee the block will fit you; your measurements may not be correct, or your body shape may be also differ from the Standard Figure and require some adjustments (e.g. Square Shoulders, Sway Back, etc).    I will eventually write instructions for making pattern adjustments in the Fitting Issues pages, but until then you will need to find that information elsewhere. Go to the Measurements: Downloadable Blocks Page to see and/or download detailed measurements for all sizes for all blocks.

Before Purchasing Blocks

Before you make a decision to purchase any of the blocks on this site, it is important you:
  1. Read the information about what exactly you will be purchasing.
  2. Download the Sample Block and view the actual product, practice assembling the sample block as per the instructions, to see exactly what you end up with.
  3. Read the instructions for assembling the block.
  4. Read VERY CAREFULLY the information on the Sizes & Measurements (in a nutshell Sizes are really meaningless, you want to look at the measurements).
  5. Compare your measurements to the measurements of the block; if they are significantly different that means you do not have a Standard Figure.
  6. Read a few recommended articles:  I don’t want you to be disappointed if the block doesn’t fit you perfectly first go.  You may need to make some adjustments.  I do NOT provide personalized free assistance to make those adjustments.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions (one of the terms and conditions is that you have downloaded and assembled the Sample Block to understand what you are getting).

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions – You will need to agree to these at Check-out before you can purchase any blocks.

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