Manipulating Darts - Skirts


The skirt does not does not lend itself to the same type of manipulation that the Bodice Front does, but there are a few ways to work with darts to create different styles in the Skirt.

The Skirt block has two darts (in the half-block) Front, and two darts (in the half-block) Back

Moving Darts

The main few options of manipulating darts in the Skirt are:

  • closing the waist darts (or part of the waist darts, or one of the waist darts) and opening up the hemline; this creates flare in the skirt. (It can be very flared).
  • moving the waist dart into the side seam (not often used)
  • moving the waist darts into the Yoke Styleline.

There are other more complex darts that can be created, such as two asymmetric curved darts, and I may add that style at some later stage.  If/when you get to understand the theory really well, you may be able to create other unusual styles if that is your thing.


Style A is the Block; this is used to create the other styles.

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