Bodice Front Style 31 (BFOS-16)


The bodice of this garment has two curved parallel (French) darts in the side-seam of the half-block.  This is actually the same as Style 29 except Style 29 has straight darts instead of curved darts.

The preparation and the steps are the same as Style 29, therefore all the step-by-step instructions are not shown here.   If you haven't created Style 29, you would follow those steps, except using curved darts.

If you have already created Style 29, you can just redraw the dart lines as curves, using a French Curve Ruler, as shown in the Example Outcome below.

You do need to make sure that the curve is the same for each dart leg pair, and the length of the dart line is the same.

Example: Outcome

Figure 1 shows Style 29, and style Style 31 on the right. 

Note: The actual pattern would need seam allowance or cutting instructions added; this has not been done here we are just covering the theory of manipulating darts.


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