The Need for Contouring (an Example)

This follows on from Contouring (Definition).

This example (the body form is a replica of my body) is to show that how that using the Bodice Block (made for use with Sleeves) to make a garment with cutaway arms and/or low neckline willl result in gaping.  As mentioned before, this will be a problem to a greater or lesser degree depending on your individual body.


In Figure 1, the white tape shows how the Bodice Block will fall from the neck, over the bust, down to the waist.  (It would sit out a bit further from the waist than in the image). 

This would be how a garment made with the Bodice Block, with a high neckline and sleeves, would sit on my body.


In Figure 2, the photo is taken on an angle that shows how much space there in between the tape (the fabric) and the body.

While this space is not an issue for a garment with a high neckline and sleeves, if a garment with a low neckline or cutaway arms was made with this block (and with no further adjustments), the result would be a lot of gaping, i.e. the garment would be loose in the neckline and armhole and therefore not fit well.    (And also the armhole, but that is not so evident in this photo).

In order to create a garment with a low neckline, it is necessary to make some contouring adjustments.

Continued in Contour Markings (Gape Darts).

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