Contour Markings

This follows on from The Need for Contouring (an Example).

Contour markings are necessary for both the Bodice Front and the Bodice Back. The purpose of these lines is to show if and/or where gape darts are required, and the size of the gape darts.  In the images below, these contour markings are shown on the standard Bodice (Sleeves) Block.

The circle shown on the block indicates the Bust Mound; the circle is drawn with the Bust Radius measurement.

This page just shows the contour markings on the Bodice Front and the Bodice Back.   Details such as the amount of contouring will be found on one of the following pages.

Bodice Front: Six Contour Markings

Figure 1 shows the Bodice Block (Sleeves) with seven contour markings.

  1. Reduction in block ease
  2. Reduction in Armhole ease
  3. Cutaway armhole gape dart
  4. Mid-shoulder dip adjustment
  5. Low neckline gape dart
  6. Between-bust gape dart
  7. Empire line gape dart for waist dart (plus additional Empire Line markings)


Bodice Back: Three Contour Markings

Figure 2 shows the Bodice Block (Sleeves) with four contour markings.

  1. Reduction in block ease
  2. Change in shape of the shoulder line. (Mid-shoulder-dip adjustment)
  3. Increase in length of waist dart.
  4. Increase in width of waist dart for Empire Line (plus other Empire Line markings)


Continued in Sleeveless Block.

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