Manipulating Darts - Bodice Back

Manipulating Darts – Bodice Back

Darts in the Bodice Back can also be manipulated, but there are less options compared to the Bodice Front. This is because the bodice front darts are based around the bust mound which is near the centre of the block.  The bodice back has no such ‘mound’ and is quite a different shape.  It does not lend itself to the same type of manipulation that the Bodice Front does. The Bodice Back block has two darts (in the half-block) – one in the waist and one in the shoulder. The bodice back waist darts are generally left where they are or can be incorporated into stylelines such as the Princess Line. The main few options of manipulating darts in the Bodice Back relate to the shoulder dart.  These options are:
  • moving the shoulder dart into the neck  (Style 01 Back)
  • moving the shoulder dart into the armhole (you could have a dart here or leave the fullness and therefore have a larger armhole) (Style 02 Back)
  • moving the shoulder dart into the Yoke styleline (Style 03 Back)


Style A is the Block; this is used to create the other styles.

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