Introduction & Overview

Instructions and Markings

Once all the pattern pieces have been made, they first need to be checked against each other before they are finalized.  Then they need to be marked.

Pattern Pieces checked against each other

These should be done before adding seam allowance.  The following needs to be checked:

  • adjoining pattern pieces match in length
  • flow through of adjoining pattern pieces
  • that the relevant notches have been put on the pattern pieces to assist in telling pieces apart and where to match seams up
  • markings have been made for things such as zip and button placement

Below is an example of how pattern pieces need to be checked at seam lines for seam length (in this case the shoulder seam) and flow through. 

Pattern Pieces labelled

The pattern pieces need to be labelled as follows:

  • name of pattern piece
  • cutting instructions
  • direction of grainline
  • CB and CF need to be marked

Note that in this image I have numbered my pattern piece and include a total (PP#1 of 6, PP#2 of 6, etc), as that is what I learned to do in my patternmaking studies and I find useful.  Note that I haven’t seen this mentioned in the patternmaking books I have.  This is up to you.

The final thing is to add seam allowance.  The amount of seam allowance added differs from place to place, but there are general guidelines. There is also the question of how to finish off the corners of the pattern piece seam allowance.  We’ll look at that in the next page …. Seam Allowance.

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