Prerequisite Knowledge


You need to have a basic understanding of patternmaking, and a knowledge of the main principles, in order to make patterns.  If you are new to this website, it is not a good idea to start with trying to make a pattern without a good grasp of the basics.

A good place to start is to read the article: Where do I start? How do I learn patternmaking?  Which summarised is: read the Principles pages and do some of the manipulating darts exercises.  Use the Third Scale Blocks and follow along with the instructions in the Garment Elements menu (for example: create the different styles of skirts using the basic Skirt Block).   Then you can follow along with the pattern instructions using the scale blocks.  Finally, when you are ready, you can put that theory into practice making your own patterns.

In my Patterns pages, I often don't go into detail if that detail is covered elsewhere in my website; there is no point in having the same information repeated.

The instructions in the Pattern pages are often just a summary (rather than step-by-step) as they point you to the various pages that contain the step-by-step information.  (i.e. Creating a flared skirt from your 2-Dart (Straight) Skirt Block is covered in the Elements Pages.  If I create a pattern with a flared skirt - e.g. Dress-001, then i will refer you to the relevant Elements page by providing a link).

Note Regarding Comments & Emails

With the exception of emails regarding purchased Blocks or Books, please be aware that I only answer comments or emails every two or three weeks.

I can only answer questions that take 5 minutes of my time.

The content I provide on this website is free but that does not mean I also provide unlimited one-on-one free assistance.

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