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As at May 2019 there are only 4 dresses and 4 tops in the patterns menu.  I have another 8 tops (adding collars and sleeves) for which I hope to write the instructions for in June 2019.  Over time I will add skirts, pants, jackets, etc.  As I do everything myself (draft the pattern, sew the garment, create the graphics, write the instructions, etc), it is a slow process.

So what is the difference between the information in the Pattern Menu and the Garment Element Menu?

It is important to understand the difference between the Garment Elements Menu and the Patterns Menu in order to be able to use this website properly.

Theory & application of theory

  • The theory is shown in the Garment Element Pages, each element separately
  • The application of the theory is shown in the Pattern Pages, in the larger context of a whole pattern, many elements together

In a Nutshell 1

  • The elements pages will give you the basics on how to create one particular element.   It doesn’t show how that element together with adjoining pieces, and there is no final garment shown.
  • A pattern under the Pattern Menu will show you how to create a whole pattern, which will contain lots of different elements.  A final sewn garment is shown.

Example of the Difference

Here is an example to illustrate the difference, using a flared skirt as an example:
  • In the Elements Page there will be information on how to add flare to a skirt.  The theory covers just how to add the flare, not creating the waistband or how to mark for zips, etc.
  • In the Patterns pages I will (eventually) have patterns such as the following (these are just examples): Flared skirt with lowered waist, pockets and contrasting hem band.  Or 8 gored flared skirt with godets and buttons down the front.  Step by step will  instructions will be given for creating the whole skirt, with all the elements, and a photo of the final garment is shown.  Adding flare to these skirts is one element of that particular pattern.

Use the theory to make your own patterns

You should take the individual bits of theory to create your own patterns.   The patterns I create are to show you how to approach making the pattern as a whole; draw what you want to make, look for design lines, work out how many pattern pieces, look for the theory to create those different elements.  You aren’t limited to the patterns I shows; you are limited by your imagination.  (And, if you are relying on my theory, how much theory I have up at the time you are visiting.  It will take me some time to get up all the Elements).

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  1. I love your website! I can’t thank you enough for all the info. You put an incredible amount of time into this site.

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