Felt Tipped Pens

felt tipped pens

Felt tipped pens can be used on your blocks for color coding to identify pattern lines, changes on the patterns or corrections.

You can create new blocks for some of these (e.g. an Empire Line Block, or a Sleeveless Contour Block) if you wish, or just reuse this block,  transferring the markings onto the pattern in the creation process.



Block Markings

In the image, my (personalised) block has four different markings on it using felt-tipped pens:

  1. Empire Line -  green
  2. Gape Dart marking for low cut necklines - pink
  3. Lower neckline marking - blue
  4. Bust Mound - purple

Note Regarding Comments & Emails

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I can only answer questions that take 5 minutes of my time.

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