Tools & Equipment


Sellotape is used to stick cardboard or pattern pieces together when you are making alterations to pattern work such as cutting and spreading.  You may find removable sellotape works better for you.

Note: You need sellotape to construct Blocks purchased on this website.

If you download the free third-scale blocks or buy any of the downloadable blocks I sell online, you will need sellotape to construct the blocks.

You will have to provide your own cardboard and:  (1) stick the block pieces together, then (2) stick the outline of the block shape to a piece of cardboard.  You then cut around the shape again, and (after transferring any markings such as notches and drill holes) you can easily separate the paper and cardboard leaving you with a cardboard block with no Sellotape on it.

Using Third Scale Blocks allows you to practice patternmaking without using excessive paper and without needing the large desk space required for full-scale work.

Go to the Third Scale Block page to download the booklet.