Tools & Equipment

Pattern Weights

Pattern Weights are used to hold patterns in place while you trace them.

They can also be used for holding patterns onto the fabric while you cut instead of pinning.  They are especially useful for delicate fabric that would be damaged by pins or difficult knit fabrics.  They are also useful for holding fabric on your workbench when you are pinning your pattern onto the fabric.


Sizes of Pattern Weights

Pattern Weights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The one in the image to the left is 30cm long x 5cm wide with a handle.  As they are aren’t usually available in fabric stores you will probably have to order online from a specialty store online and pay postage, which can be expensive for the heavy weights.

Purchasing Pattern Weights in Australia

These set of seven small round weights in different sizes can be purchased online from Judí’s Studios in NSW.  The set costs $32.50 plus postage (2015).  You can buy other useful things from Judi’s studio, such as Point Presser & Tailor’s Clapper, etc,  to make the postage worthwhile. (I do not receive any commission or payment from Judi’s Studios).