Bust Dart

Dart/s on the Bodice Block or Bodice Pattern Pieces that allow for shaping the fabric around the bust.  Bust Darts can be in the waist, side seam, shoulder seam, neckline or center front. It is necessary to have at least one dart to shape the bust, but using only one dart can create a very distorted look, especially for larger bust-cups.  Therefore it is more common to use two darts in the bodice to shape the bust.


Image 1

This block has one bust dart in the waist.

Image 2

This block has two bust darts, one in the side seam and one in the waist.

Image 3

The Bust Darts in this block are in the shoulder (where it meets the neckline) and the waist. This block was created from the two-dart block above. The side seam dart was moved into the shoulder. See the section on Pivoting Darts for information on how to move the darts from one place to another.  (See the Principles Pages > Dart Manipulation for examples with step-by-step instructions).

Dart Shaping

Darts are used for more than shaping the Bust, other darts include Waist Darts on skirts and pants, and the Shoulder Dart on the Bodice Back.

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