These are not all technically questions.  I am also going to use this page to answer some ‘suggestions’ that I get.

Question 1: You used to have (xyz) on your website but I can’t find it, can you tell me where it is?

If you visited my website between January 2018 – June 2023,  there are some things that are different and some things that are no longer available.

I used to have written  step-by-step instructions for drafting all the Blocks (Bodice, Pants, Skirt and Torso Block)) and also numerous free downloadable booklets – (i.e. step-by-step booklets, summaries and 1-page references) for the Bodice, Pants and Skirt Blocks.  These are no longer available.

Question 2: Why aren’t your written Bodice Block instructions no longer available?

My Bodice System system has changed over time.  My original instructions did not include the Bust Arcs and therefore did not get as good a result as my final system does.  The original step-by-step instructions that I put up on my website in January 2018 are therefore obsolete.  At that time I also had free downloadable booklets (20 pages step-by-step, 5 pages summaries and 1-page outlines).  All of these were removed from my website in around 2022-2023. 

That original system did actually work well or well-enough for some people, and so some people have asked for that older content to be ‘replaced’.  The problem with that is that there are a lot of other people (i.e. new visitors) for whom it may NOT work well-enough.  If those people use the older instructions to draft their Block and run into the problems that have actually been addressed in the newer system, and then they will ask me for assistance to fix the issues.  This happened often.  Even when I directed people to the newer video instructions, they would still use the old ones, then ask me for help help fixing issues that would not have arisen had they used the newer instructions.

In a nutshell; leaving the older-not-quite-right instructions on my website may be useful for some people, but it created more work for me and generally made my life harder.  A hell of a lot harder.

So I removed them and they will not be reinstated.

Question 3: Why are you only making videos now?  You used to have free written instructions.  Can you replace the older written instructions, or provide free written instructions for your newer system?

I spent thousands of hours creating content that I provided for free.

The (not-insignificant) costs associated with this website have come out of pocket, and for the first 5 years  I did not receive one cent from anyone or anywhere to assist with those costs.

I don’t have unlimited time and I don’t have unlimited money.  I do not make a living out of this website or the YouTube channels. I actually don’t make a living at all.

The only free content I will be providing in future are YouTube videos.    I will not be providing any detailed written instructions for free anymore.

If you choose to buy my booklets, you will be assisting me in making more content. 

Question 4: You used to have (Standard) Pants Block instructions, where are they?

Before I devised my own Pants system I used to have free step-by-step instructions for drafting the Standard Pants Block, and also the drafting the Standard Skirt Block and the Standard Torso Block.  I removed the Standard Pants block instructions for the same reason as I removed my old (original outdated) Bodice System written instructions.    I have never had written step–by-step instructions for my Pants system on this website; the only written step-by-step instructions for my system are in my booklets that are for sale.

Question 5: You used to have (Standard) Skirt and Torso Instructions, where are they?

I moved my website from the one CMS platform to another in about June 2023.  During this process I lost/missed/neglected to move some of the content – which included what was left in my Blocks Menu.   Although I still have the original files for all the images for the Skirt, Torso and Stretch Blocks, in order to put up the instructions again I would have to spend the time re-exporting all the step-by-step images, re-writing the instructions and then putting that all in my website.  I currently don’t have time to do that and it’s not a priority for me.

Suggestion 6: You should put up more written content rather than focus on videos.

I appreciate that you appreciate free content, but I don’t know if you appreciate how much time it takes to create this content. 

I provide a certain amount of content for free, and that will be, from now on, in the form of YouTube videos. However,  I am unable to keep providing everything for free as I need to pay costs and I would like to earn a living. 

The only way to actually provide more content in future is if I start charging for it.   In future the written content will be in the form of books which will need to be purchased.