Hello Diana

Here are the 6 choices for my next pattern video (June).  They each have something new – e.g. new neckline, new skirt, etc.

Let me know your preference via Ko-Fi if you can.

(1) Belle Dress.

The skirt is a variation/modification of the Gardenia Skirt with a ‘flounce’.   The ‘special’ thing about this skirt/dress is the Mega Flounce.

(2)  Ynes Dress

This dress is very loose (lots of ease) in the Empire Line, with a different shape – an upside down V.  There are gathers in the skirt CF and CB.  Very puffy sleeves.  Given the large amount of ease in the Empire Line it is a pull-on dress.

(3) Willow Dress

This dress has a built-up neckline and a skirt with what I can only describe as faux-godets or built-in-godets. (I start with the Magnolia Skirt in my Lina Dress and make modifications to create the ‘godets’).  I am including one photo at the end of another dress with the same skirt but in Viscose.  The reason I am not including that dress in these options is that is has the same Serenity Bodice as the Jasnah Dress.  The bodice in the Willow dress is different (built-up neckline).

(4) Gigi Dress

The skirt on this dress was again based on the Magnolia, but has  – less flare in front skirt/more flare in the back.  It also has pockets.  The bodice has a high round almost boat-ish neckline.

(5) Svetlana Dress

The skirt is a panel skirt with pleats in the skirt seamlines. The bodice has a boatish neckline and petal sleeves.

(6) Jenica but not Jenica Dress

I don’t actually like this dress as it is, I don’t think it was successful with this fabric, this skirt …etc. But I do like the collar.

I have another dress cut out with this collar but with another skirt. different fabric. 

So… if you are interested in a dress with a collar, it will be this collar with another bodice/skirt combination.