There are two types of Style-lines; those that incorporate darts, and therefore are dart equivalents, and then there are those that are purely for interest and are not dart equivalents. In the image shown there are two types of stylelines; the princess style line which incorporates darts,  and the neckline and hemline panels.  The neckline and hemline panels have been added for interest; and in this case also to use contrasting fabric.

Stylelines for Interest

Although the stylelines in the dress in the image have been added in order use contrasting fabric, you could make a pattern with those hemline panels stylelines without the contrasting fabric – all of the pattern pieces could be made with the same fabric. You can put in a style-line for interest anywhere you wish, and for these types of stylelines, you draw a line (curved or straight), separate the pattern at the line and add seam allowance to each side. Yokes can fall into either category; they may include dart equivalents, and they may not. Note that ‘for interest’ includes lines that may flatter a certain type of figure, or to break up a large expanse of fabric, etc.

Stylelines that are Dart Equivalents

Stylelines that include darts require a bit more work. To create the princess line pattern pieces in the image you would need to do a bit more than draw a line; you need to move the dart into that line and make other adjustments. These pages in this menu includes Bodice stylelines that include Dart Equivalent.  Particularly the two very common ones: the Princess Line and the Empire Line. For Skirt style lines (6-gore skirt, 8-gore-skirt, A-line), go back to Garment Elements > Skirts.

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