Sleeves are either set-in, i.e. separate pattern pieces sewn into the bodice, or combined with the bodice.   They can of course be either short or long

Examples of set-in sleeves are Puffed Sleeves, Cap Sleeves, Petal Sleeves and Butterfly sleeves.  Some example of sleeves that are part of the bodice are Raglan, Kimono and Dolman sleeves.

Many types of set-in sleeves types are created by applying the principle of Added Fullness;  e.g. Puff Sleeves have full added in the sleeve cap and/or the bicep level. Bishop sleeves have added fullness at the wrist.

At the time this website is launched, I have instructions for only four set-in sleeves (see the menu).  They are all short sleeves.   I will add to these over time.

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