Skirt Details

Skirt Details

The instructions for each skirt type in this menu is not meant to result in a final pattern; the information is limited to the drafting the skirt itself.  Finishing off the skirt with a waistband or yoke, adding details such as lining, pockets or flounces, are included in this sub-menu.  Eventually I will get time to write make some complete patterns to put in the pattern menu.

As of today, Saturday 5 May 2109, there is only one item in this menu; the Straight Waistband.

I am currently working on the Contoured Waistband and that should be up later today.

I will be adding the following items to the menu over the next couple of weeks:

  • Skirt Flounce
  • Skirt Lining
  • Godets
  • Skirt Pocket

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