The information given on the sub-menu pages, like all the Garment Elements, covers the basic theory.  These skirts can be made by themselves or as part of  a dress. The application of the theory can be found in the Pattern pages, where I walk through the whole process of creating a full pattern. However at this time there are no Skirts Patterns in the Patterns menu, only dresses and tops.

Creating Skirts

Skirts can be made starting with the basic 2-dart block, a 1-dart block, or just from scratch (no block).  The type of skirt determines which block is used:
  • Skirts like the full-circle skirt, three-quarter skirt and the dirndl skirt are made from scratch (rather than a block).
  • Flared skirts are made from either the 1-dart or the 2-dart block; which one you use will depend on the style (Using one instead of the other will just save moving the darts).
  • The Slinky skirt which hugs the hips is usually made from the 1-dart skirt block which is constructed for that purposes; i.e. it is marked with different pivot points to determine how far down the the skirt the flare starts.
I am currently working on the instructions for some further Skirts and Skirt Details. The following pages will be added to the Skirt Menu in June 2019:
  • Gored Skirts:
    • 4 Gore
    • 6 Gore
    • 8 Gore
    • 12 Gore
  • Other Skirts
    • Skirt with Yoke
    • Wrap Skirt
  • Skirt Details
    • Skirt Pocket
    • Skirt flounce
    • Skirt lining
    • Godets

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