example 03

These three dresses were drafted from a Stretch  Block.  The two plaid dresses were made with fabric that had 20% stretch.  The velvet fabric has 50% stretch.  I made them all from the same Stretch Block (which I call my 20% Sleeveless Stretch Block).  The velvet dress could have had more ease removed – i.e. drafted from a 50% stretch block.   I have made a jersey t-shirt from the 50% stretch block and will upload a photo of that on this page in the next couple of days.  I will eventually write instructions for these dresses and the T-shirt.

This page is here temporarily until I have finished writing the instructions for creating the Stretch Block, and a related article.  These photos will be put in those articles and this page will then disappear until I have the time to write the instructions for this dress.

The dresses below are very similar to Dress 002, with some minor differences – the neckline, the length, and of course, made with a stretch block.

example 01

example 02

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