Drafting the Bodice Block Set (2022)

Drafting the Bodice Block Set (2022) Drafting the Bodice Block Set (2022) When I first published my website, I had written step-by-step instructions for drafting the Bodice Block, Sleeve Block, Skirt Block and Pants Block. I have since revised my system.  For my new revise system I only have videos for the Bodice Block and […]

Drafting the Bodice Front (Imperial Version)

The written instructions that accompany this video (downloadable PDF) are available in the Shop pages. I will soon be including an excerpt/example of the written instructions below with the accompanying images, to give an example of what you would be purchasing.

Archived (Superceded) Instructions: Pants Block

These pages contain my original pants block instructions (2018). These instructions work well for women who have close to a Standard Figure. I have since devised a system based on the thigh measurements.  See the Blocks Menu for the video of my new instructions. The written instructions that accompany the video are for sale on […]

Drafting Patternmaking Blocks

Blocks Drafting Patternmaking Blocks Scroll down for links to the videos with instructions for taking measurements and for drafting the Bodice Block, Sleeve Block and Pants Block. Patternmaking Tools To draft your own blocks you need: card paper hard pencil (eg 3H or 4H) square ruler your measurements scissors You will need to make a […]

Part 5: Another Block Making Method

My Story Part 5: Another Block Making Method It seems to have all the answers… So I found a new textbook, and it looked so exciting.  Such a lot of patternmaking information, and a block-making method that looked much more detailed than the instructions by Aldrich.  If there were some assumptions in Aldrich (and at […]

My Story

My Patternmaking Story – The story of how I started patternmaking, how I ended up devising my own systems for drafting the Bodice Block and the Pants Block and how I got to this website – is very long story and so Ihave  split it up into 10 Parts.  These parts used to be on […]

Why I Built This Website

About Why I Built This Website The first time I tried to make my own block, I approached it with enthusiasm.  I had been taking patternmaking classes for a while, and eager to finally make myself a block so I could make patterns for myself, rather than just patterns in class.  With the intention, of […]

Third Scale Blocks – Download

Blocks Third Scale Blocks As the name suggests, Third Scale Blocks are 1/3 of the measurements of a full-scale block. So, for example, a block that is 15 inches full-scale at Center Front becomes 5 inches on a 1/3 scale block at Center Front. Third Scale Blocks are commonly used in Patternmaking classes; they save […]

About This Website

About About This Website This website is a work in progress.  I went live on 1 January 2018 with a fair amount of content; mainly Principles and Block Making Instructions  At this time I also had a few Elements and four patterns. I hope be adding a new pattern with the relevant details in the […]