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There are no step-by-step instructions for the dart manipulation for the examples below.  Once you have worked through all the other 44 examples with the step-by-step instructions, you should be able to manage these yourself.  This is  your challange.


Contouring Contouring The items in the Contouring Menu follow on from each other in the menu order: i.e. it is best to read through these articles in the order they appear on the menu. The basic Bodice Block Set is for creating garments with sleeves and a fairly high neckline.  If you use this block […]

The Need for Contouring (an Example)

Contouring The Need for Contouring (an Example) This follows on from Contouring (Definition). This example (the body form is a replica of my body) is to show that how that using the Bodice Block (made for use with Sleeves) to make a garment with cutaway arms and/or low neckline will result in gaping.  As mentioned […]


Contouring Strapless This follows on from Individual Contouring, and is the final page in the Contouring menu. For strapless garments, the armhole gape dart, the neckline gape dart and the Center Front gape dart are all rolled into one big gape dart.  Note that this is using the Sleeveless Block.  If you are using the […]

Contour Markings

Contouring Contour Markings This follows on from The Need for Contouring (an Example). Contour markings are necessary for both the Bodice Front and the Bodice Back. The purpose of these lines is to show if and/or where gape darts are required, and the size of the gape darts.  In the images below, these contour markings […]

Sleeveless Block

Contouring Sleeveless Block This follows on from Contour Markings (Gape Darts). The Sleeveless Bodice Block is a derivative block; it is created from the Bodice (Sleeves) Block, with a few changes made.   Like all derivative blocks, it is not essential; you could just use the Bodice (Sleeves) Block and make the changes each time […]

Standard Contouring Amounts

Contouring Standard Contouring Amounts This follows on from Sleeveless Block. The standard contouring amounts (i.e. for the Standard Figure) are as shown in the images below, for the front and the back. Bodice Front Front Figure 1:  Reduction in block width The reduction is 0.5-inch. When creating the Bodice Block, the amount of ease added […]

Individual Contouring Amounts

Contouring Individual Contouring Amounts This continues on from Standard Contouring. Working out your individual contouring amounts does take some time and effort, but it is worth spending the time up front to get it right. Some instructions suggest using a ruler against the body at the relevant points, as the example shown in Figure 1, […]