Top #1 Series (A-D)

Top #1 Series (A-D) Overview of Top 001 (A to D) The four tops in this series are quite simple as far as drafting the pattern goes. (Three of them are finished off with bias binding, so whether or not you consider that simple as far as sewing goes is another matter entirely). I am […]

Patterns: General Information

Patterns Menu Patterns: General Information As at May 2019 there are only 4 dresses and 4 tops in the patterns menu.  I have another 8 tops (adding collars and sleeves) for which I hope to write the instructions for in June 2019.  Over time I will add skirts, pants, jackets, etc.  As I do everything […]


Instructions available for Top 001 Series Four sleeveless top, putting into practice basic patternmaking principles, particularly manipulating darts, plus a button placket.   These tops are NOT close-fitting, and they are very close to the basic Torso Block. They have very minimal pattern pieces so not much work is involved in drafting these tops. Currently these […]

Dresses – General Information

Notes on Blocks Used Dresses can be made using the Bodice and Skirt Blocks, or some kind of derivative Dress Block.  On this website there are instructions for creating an Extended Line Dress Block.  If there is a waistline on the dress, then you would more likely use the Bodice and Skirt Blocks.  Sometimes when […]


Patterns Skirts Although there are currently no skirt patterns, the Elements pages contains theory on how to create skirts such as: A-line skirts Flared Skirts Circular skirts Skirts with Pleats Update January 2022 This page previously said that I would be drafting a pattern for the skirt below.   However, it is unlikely that I will […]

Prerequisite Knowledge

Patterns Menu Prerequisite Knowledge You need to have a basic understanding of patternmaking, and a knowledge of the main principles, in order to make patterns.  If you are new to this website, it is not a good idea to start with trying to make a pattern without a good grasp of the basics. A good […]