(Drafting) Dress Pattern #4: Step-by-Step Instructions

Patterns Menu (Drafting) Dress Pattern #4: Step-by-Step Instructions This is the list of the 16 pattern pieces that I will be drafting in the step-by-step instructions below. Bodice Front Yoke Bodice Front Front Waistband (also Waistband lining and interfacing) Bodice Back Yoke Bodice Back Back Waistband (also Waistband lining and interfacing) Skirt Front Pocket Back […]

Drafting Dress Pattern #4

Dress Pattern #4 The information on Dress Pattern 4 that used to be on a number of pages are now consolidated in this one page.  This first section contains general information. Click on the link to go directly to the other sections: Description, Flats, Blocks Used  & Plan Of Action Step-by-Step Instructions General Information Third […]