(Drafting) Dress Pattern #1: Step-by-Step Instructions

Patterns Menu (Drafting) Dress Pattern #1: Step-by-Step Instructions This is the list of the 10 pattern pieces that I will be drafting in the step-by-step instructions below. Bodice Front Waistband Front Skirt Front Bodice Back Waistband Back Skirt Back Skirt Lining Front Skirt Lining Back Bodice Front Interfacing Bodice Back Interfacing Instructions Dress 001 – […]

(Drafting) Dress Pattern #1: Information

Patterns Menu (Drafting) Dress Pattern #1: Information Instructions for Drafting This Pattern The information covering how to draft this sewing pattern is contained on a number of pages – see the menu – these pages these follow on from in each in the menu order. The page you are currently on contains just the description […]