Skirt with Lowered Waist

Skirt with Lowered Waist This skirt is lowed 2.38-inches (6 cm) from the waist.  When the skirt is lowered like this you may be able to do away with the need for darts. This will depend on the individual figure. With a lowered waist you will need to finish off the waist with either a […]

Dirndle Skirt

Dirndle Skirt You don’t need a block to create the Dirndl skirt as it is just a plain rectangle. The waist and the hem of the dirndl skirt are the same width, and the waist is gathered into a waistband.  This skirt works best with very large rectangles, drafting the total hem/waist to be at […]

Other Skirts

Other Skirts Other Skirts The four skirts that will be added to this menu (in May 2019) are: Dirndl Skirt  (done) Radius Skirt Skirt with Lowered Waist Skirt with Yoke Wrap Skirt With the Lowered Waist and Yoke Skirts, this design line can be used with many different types of skirts (flared, straight, gored, circle), […]