Peter Pan Variations: Cut & Lap

Peter Pan Variations: Cut & Lap The instructions for the Peter Pan collar ends up creating a collar with a low stand.  While the Peter Pan collar is generally considered a low-stand collar, it can actually have a high stand of 1-inch, a low stand of 1/8-inch, and anything in between. Below find an image […]

Neckline Edge

Neckline Edge In the instructions for creating the applied collars from the neckline measurements, the neckline edge is drawn as a straight line from the CB to the shoulder point.  When this straight line is on the grainline (as in the image below), there is no flexibility given the nature of the straight grain. You […]

Collar Shaping

Collar Shaping The instructions for the the convertible collars: the Basic Collar, the Turnover Collar and the Two-piece Collar,  focus on the construction of the collar around the neckline – it needs to be fit the bodice of the garment. The outer edges of these convertible collars can be shaped various ways to create a […]