Fitting Issues NOT Figure Faults


Quite a few fashion and sewing books use the term "Figure Faults" to describe any way figures differ from The Standard Figure, but I dislike it intensely because of the obvious implication that there is something "wrong" with the figure of someone how has (for example) a large bust or square shoulders.

Having Square Shoulders, Narrow Shoulders etc. isn't a "Fault".    There is certainly nothing faulty with your body because it's not standard.

Therefore, I prefer to use the term Fitting Issues.  It might sometimes sound clunky, but I am unsure what other term to use.  If you have a better idea, please let me know.

I will be creating a section under the Other Menu which covers the alterations that can be made to Commercial Patterns to assist in fitting if you have any of these problems.  Those pages will also explain how your Personalised Block takes these problems into account; that is, how, in the process of making your personalised Block, that fitting issue will no longer be an issue (if you use your block to make garments).

Fitting Issues include the following:

  • Square Shoulders
  • Sloping Shoulder
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Large Bust
  • Small Bust
  • Large Upper Bust
  • Hollow Chest
  • Pigeon Chest
  • Rounded Back
  • Bottle Neck
  • Small Waist
  • Large Hips
  • Narrow Hips
  • Large Upper Arms
  • Forward Sloping Shoulders
  • High Rounded Stomach
  • Sway Back
  • xx Back
  • Long Back
  • Short Waist
  • Long Arms
  • Short Arms
  • Long Legs
  • Short Legs

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