Making the Skirt Block

The Skirt Block set consists of the Skirt Front & Skirt Back.

This page contains preliminary information.  See the menu for the page with step-by-step instructions.



The Skirt Front and Back both have two darts.  Some skirt blocks have two darts in the Back and one in the Front.  After fitting you may decide that one dart works better for you.

The larger the difference between your waist and hip measurements, the more likely that two darts will work better for you on your block. As a General Rule,  if the difference between your waist and hips is more than 10 inches, then two darts in the front will be preferable as large darts create distortion in the garment.

(Note: Like all General Rules, it doesn't  cover every scenario. In my case, even though there is 12 inches difference between my Hip and Waist, one dart in the Front works better for me.).

Download These Instructions

At the very bottom of the instructions page (see the menu) you can download the step-by-step instructions that appear on the website but in a PDF File.  The PDF file has print quality graphics and will print on minimal pages.  There are also some other downloads available, such as a summarised version and a one-page outline.

Measurements used in this Example Instructions

These measurements are the BODY measurements, the Block will have ease added to the waist and the hips.

Full Length Skirt 22.63
Waist 27.5
Waist Arc Front* 6.63
Waist Arc Back* 6.63
Hip 36
Hip Arc Front** 9
Hip Arc Back* 9
Hipline Depth (down from waist) 8.5

** In this example, I am using the same Waist Arc for the Front & Back.  In your case, these two measurements may be different.  (For my personal Block, my Back Waist Arc is smaller than my Front.)

*** In this example, I am using the same Hip Arc for the Front & Back.  In your case, these two measurements may be different.  (For my Personal Block, my Back Hip Arc is larger than my Front).

Download these measurements for following along with the instructions:  Measurements-Instructions-Skirt (1 page PDF file).

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