Making the Pants Block

Important Note:

The written instructions below in this section are suitable only for standard figures.    I have make a series of 5 videos on drafting Pants for Non-Standard Figures, you can find them in the Pants Block Instructions Menu, or through the VIdeos Menu. 

In the videos I draft the Pants Block for 4 different figures:  The Standard (Hourglass) Figure, a Triangle Figure (small waist, large bottom/hips, smaller high hip, smaller than average thighs (for the hips size) and protruding and drop bottom. (Me, my figure!).  I will also be walking through drafting a block for a squarer figure (called Jane: Slender, but smaller hips for her waist than a standard figure, smaller thighs than average (for her hips) and a drop bottom.  The fourth figure is Anne who has an apple shaped figure; the widest part of the body is the upper hips (stomach), smaller than average thighs and a flat bottom.

I will not be putting up free written instructions that contain the information from these videos on this website.  I will be selling a EPUB booklet to accompany the Pants Video which may be more useful when drafting the pants.  So you can swipe a page, follor one step, swipe the page, etc., rather than having to pause and rewind a video.  

While all of content that is on my website at this moment (1 January 2021) will remain here free of charge, and while I will be providing all of the future content that I create on Blocks, Principles, Elements an Patterns in video format free of charge, I will be selling the accompanying booklets for a small fee.

If you have a standard figure, the instructions in the videos may be 'too much' for you; you may get just as a good a result using the instructions below using less measurements, and without having to listen to all the explanations that relate to non-standard figures.  I draft the Standard Figure in the video for comparison purposes.

Instructions: Standard Figures

This is one of the pages with preliminary information for creating the Pants Block, with an example of the finished pants block.  See the menu for other preliminary pages and for the link to the step-by-step instructions.


The Pants Front has one dart and the Pants Back has two darts.

The placement and length of the darts are a starting point.  You need to make a toile and adjust the dart placements and lengths to suit your body.


The Pants Block has 2 inches ease in the hip, and 1-inch ease in the waist.

The hip ease is distributed unevenly; one-third of the two inches is allocated to the front hip arc and two-thirds allocated to the back hip arc.


Example - Finished Pants Block

This first image is what the block looks like at the end of the step-by-step instructions, using the measurements specified on the Preliminary Tab.  The shape of yours may end up looking quite different.

The measurements used are 'standard' measurements.


Comparison - My Pants Block

This is what my block, using my personal measurements, looks like.   This is to show you that if the shape of your block ends up looking quite different to the one I am making, it doesn't matter (as long as you are using your correct measurements, of course!).  This is the point of making your own block: it will reflect what your body looks like.

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I can only answer questions that take 5 minutes of my time.

The content I provide on this website is free but that does not mean I also provide unlimited one-on-one free assistance.

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