Upper Bust Ease

This article was updated on 13 April 2020, changing the Upper Bust ease from 6-inches to 5-inches.

On the introductory page I have noted that the amount of ease to add to the Upper Bust is 5 inches; this amount of ease will work pretty well for all Bust Cup Sizes, and will result in between 2 and 3 inches ease in the Bust.

You can, however, use the amount of ease listed in the table below instead.  Using the amounts specified in the table will more consistently result in 3 inches ease in the bust.

Upper Bust Ease that will result in 3 inches ease in the Bust

Bust CupAmount of Ease
No difference between UB and B 3.50 inches | 11.50 cm
A-Cup 3.87 inches | 12.25 cm
B-Cup 4.25 inches | 13.25 cm
C-Cup 4.63 inches | 14.25 cm
D-Cup 5 inches | 15.25 cm
DD-Cup 5.38 inches | 16.25 cm

For details about this specific amount of ease, see the article: Why Upper Bust rather than Bust?

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