1-Dart or 2-Dart Block? Which one should I make?

This website contains two sets of instructions to make the Bodice Front:  the Bodice Front 1-Dart and  the Bodice Front 2-Dart Blocks .  So why are there two sets of instructions, and which should you use?


Well, that depends...

In terms of making patterns, if you are an experienced patternmaking, it doesn't make any difference which one you use.   Manipulating darts  (i.e. moving darts or parts of darts) is part of the fundamentals of patternmaking.  So there is no reason to use one block over rather than convention and preference.

As a general rule, you would not often make a garment with one dart, as one large dart can create distortion in the garment (the larger your bust cup, the more this will apply).  However, as said above, you can use the one-dart block regardless, because you can make the necessary changes when drafting the pattern.  However, given that you would more often make garments with a dart in the side seam than not, it means there is a little bit less work if you use the two-dart block.  So, I think it's fairly safe to say that using the two-dart block will save a bit of time and work each time you make a pattern.

It may also be useful to have and use both blocks.  If you do decide to use both blocks, it is not necessary to make both from scratch: if you make one, you can use the principle of Manipulating Darts to create the other block.  It will take far less time to create one block from the other than to create it again from scratch. 

So, again, why do I have instructions for both?  Which one should you create from scratch?  Well, it's up to you.

Here is some information to help you decide:

  • The 2-Dart Block is usually the standard.
  • Creating the 1-Dart Block will probably be easier in comprehend.  Using this 1-Dart Block to create a 2-Dart Block will also make more sense than creating the 2-Dart Block directly.
  • The 2-Dart Block will usually be the one I use in my instructions for making patterns, so if you want to follow along with those instructions, and you are new to patternmaking, having a 2-Dart Bodice Block makes sense.
  • There is no harm in having both a 1-Dart Block and a 2-Dart Block; which you prefer will be a personal decision.

So; it's up to you.   If you are brand new to patternmaking, creating the 1-Dart Block, then using that to create the 2-Dart Block, will probably make more sense, in terms of comprehension.  However, you could choose to create the 2-Dart Block directly.  If you create the 2-Dart Block, you can choose to create a 1-dart block from that.

Personally, I like having both, and use the 1-Dart Block quite a lot.

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