Drafting Blocks


These pages contain instructions to make a number of different blocks.  At the bottom of each page of instructions, you can find a downloadable PDF file.  The downloadable file will print the content on the minimum amount of pages and contains print quality graphics.

To draft your own blocks you need:

  • cardboard
  • hard pencil (eg 3H or 4H)
  • square ruler
  • your measurements
  • scissors

You will need to make a toile from the finished block, fit the toile, and make any changes required to the block.

You can then use your blocks to make your own patterns.

If you are new to patternmaking, the following article may be useful:  Where do I start? How do I learn patternmaking?

Suggested Reading:

If you have reached this page and don't know what a Block is, the following articles will help you:

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