Drafting Derivative Blocks


Derivative Blocks are made from other blocks, they are not made from scratch.   Of course you need to have created the original block in order to create a derivative one.

All the Blocks under the Making Blocks menu are created from scratch; all the blocks under this Making Derivative Blocks menu are created using one of those original blocks.

The derivative blocks currently consist of:

  • 1-Dart Skirt Block made from the 2-Dart Skirt Block: When making skirt patterns, it is sometimes useful to use a 1-Dart Skirt Block instead of the 2-Dart Skirt block, especially when making slinky hip-hugging styles.
  • Sleeveless Block made from the Bodice Block:  The Sleeveless Block just has some of the ease taken out of the underam area; more importantly it has contouring information noted it on for cutaway armholes and low necklines.
  • Torso Block made from the Bodice Block: The Torso Block is the Bodice Block lowered to the hips for making tops and shirts; the Bodice Block is used for waisted garments.
  • (Extended Line) Dress Block made from the Bodice & Skirt Blocks: Used for making dresses without waistline seams, e.g. a dress with a Princess Line that runs the length of the dress. (A waisted dress that has a Princess line in the Bodice, finishing at the waist, would use the Bodice/Skirt Blocks).

You do not have to create the derivative blocks; you could just use your original blocks, but there will be a bit more work involved each time you make a pattern.

More derivative blocks may be added on an ongoing basis.

If you are new to patternmaking, the following article may be useful:  Where do I start? How do I learn patternmaking?

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