Drafting the 1-Dart Skirt Block

Drafting the 1-Dart Skirt Block (Front & Back)

As the 1-Dart Skirt Block is a derivative block, you need to have already created the 2-Dart Skirt Block.  Instructions to create the 2-Dart Block are found under Blocks > Making Blocks > Making the Skirt Block, or you can just click on the link provided. A summary of what we are going to do to create the skirt is as follows:
  • Calculate the darts values on the 2-Dart Block, for redistribution
  • Trace the 2-Dart Block
  • Relocate the dart between the two previous darts
  • Mark the dart point
  • Mark some pivot points below the dart point

Instructions: 1-Dart Skirt –  Figure 1

Firstly we need to do a calculation.  The total value of the darts on the 2-Dart Skirt Block will be redistributed evenly between the front and the back of the 1-Dart Skirt Block.
  1. Measure the four darts on the skirt front and back
  2. Add the values of the four darts
  3. Divide the total by 2; that value = x
We will use this value in the instructions for Figure 4. (For this example: 1.0″ + 0.75″ + 0.75″ + 0.75″ = 3.25″ ÷ 2, therefore x = 1.63 inches )

Instructions: 1-Dart Skirt –  Figure 2

  • Trace your 2-Dart Block, and mark the hip.
  • You do not need to transfer the darts (shown in the image in grey for reference only), but you do need to mark the placement of the inner dart legs, indicated by red crosses in the image.

Instructions: 1-Dart Skirt –  Figure 3

  • On the Skirt Back, mark the half-way point between A and B and draw a line down to the hem; this line should be parallel to the CB (and at right angles to the hem).
  • On the Skirt Front, mark the half-way point between C and D and draw a line down to the hem; this line should b3e parallel to the CF (and at right angles to the hem).

Instructions: 1-Dart Skirt –  Figure 4

We now need the value of x that we calculated in Figure 1.
  • Measure a dart for the value of x on both the front and the back; the center of this dart is on the vertical line you just drew (Figure 3).
  • Measure down the vertical line for 4.5 inches; this is the dart depth.
  • Draw the dart on the front and the back.
This dart depth is one pivot point for creating flared skirts, but in the next step we will mark more pivot points.

Figure 5

The pivot points in this image are indicated by red crosses.
  • Mark the first pivot point on the mid-dart line at hip level.
  • Measure from the dart point to the hip level, divide by three and mark two more pivot points above the hip.
  • Place another pivot point below the hip line, using the same distance between as for the others.
Your final pivot points should look like they appear on the CF (however you decide to mark them; with a cross, or a dot…).

Figure 6

This is the final block.

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