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These pages listed in the Blocks Menu contain Information for making your own blocks, getting measurements to make those blocks, and there are also some downloadable blocks that can be purchased.  See below for a more detailed summary of what these pages offer, or use the Blocks menu to go directly to those pages.


Measuring For & Making Blocks

The Measuring for Blocks & Making Blocks pages will give you all the information and step-by-step directions you need to create your own blocks. These instructions include not only the basic set of Bodice, Sleeve & Skirt, but also others such as Pants, Torso and Extended Line Dress.

There is also a free downloadable Measurements Chart (PDF file) for you to fill in to assist in making your Blocks. For those who don't want to make their own blocks but want to practice and learn the principles of patternmaking, there is a set of Third Scale Blocks so you can practice the exercises in third scale to save paper and desk space.  Some of the instructions are also available to download as a PDF file; check at the bottom of each Instructions Page to see if there is a downloadable file.

Purchasing Blocks

You can also choose purchase some Blocks if you prefer; see the menu on the right for the purchasing options available.  The sizes of these blocks are similar to standard Commerical Pattern sizes and Commercial Clothing, and come in sizes 6 to 22.  The Purchase Blocks Pages have all the relevant sizing information you need; i.e. a detailed list of measurements for each Blocks.

Why Purchase Blocks when there are Instructions to Make Your Own?

If Commercial Patterns or clothing in stores fit you pretty well, and you don't want to spend the time making your block from scratch, then you could use these blocks instead; some small adjustments may be required.  I will eventually write instructions for making pattern adjustments in the Fitting Issues pages, but until then you will need to find that information elsewhere.


The downloadable Blocks sold on this website can be printed on A4 or Letter paper on your own printer.  There are instructions on the website on how to create a block out of these downloadable blocks (you will need to supply your own Patternmaking Cardboard).

Make sure you choose the correct paper size for your country; you obviously should not scale the content to fit the paper or the block will not be to scale.

There is a Sample Block you can download so that you will be very clear on what you are purchasing.  I suggest you download and assemble/create the sample block before you purchase any blocks.

Suggested Reading:

If you have reached this page and don't know what a Block is, the following articles will help you:

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With the exception of emails regarding purchased Blocks or Books, please be aware that I only answer comments or emails every two or three weeks.

I can only answer questions that take 5 minutes of my time.

The content I provide on this website is free but that does not mean I also provide unlimited one-on-one free assistance.

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