Part 9: Another Dressmaker, Another Class


Patternmaking Classes with a Dressmaker

My last attempt for assistance.

I found a dressmaker who offered classes in making personalised blocks and making patterns.  Her shop was 15 minutes walk from where I lived. It was so convenient.

I wasn't excited, I couldn't let myself get excited anymore.   I was wondering how this could go wrong too.   It couldn't possibly go wrong.  How could one person have so much bad luck?  THIS TIME I would end up with a well-fitting block.

She was very talented, had examples of her work in photos and in her working rooms.  She had lots of clients and made wonderful clothes.

She also had some mental health issues and was stalking someone. Really, I am not making this up.  She was telling me all about her 'relationship' (which was nothing more than stalking someone who wasn't interested) from the first class.  I was worried from the beginning. 

I tried another class, but she would go from normal to aggressive in one second, and I didn't know what would upset her.   I was scared of her by the third class and just stopped going.

I can't remember how much I paid for this course.  I'm blocking it out.

From now on... Figure It Out By Myself or Not At All.

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