Part 10: On My Own


A custom fiberglass form

I had tried to get help many times and had just thrown money away.

I decided getting a personalised body form - a custom-made replica of my body made with fiberglass - would be a better way to spend money.

Then I would just figure it all out.

The body cast isn't ideal...

Although the body cast has it's problems, and it's not the best as a dressmaker's dummy for draping clothes, I am still so pleased I had it made. I could finally see my body from all directions from an outsider's perspective.  It helped immeasurably to finally figure out what the issues were.


Recreating the wheel

So ...eventually, it all fell into place.  I understood the disconnect between the block making instructions and the result as it related to my body.

I learned so much in the process I thought that I share the information; I hoped to save others who experienced some of the same problems from having to recreate the wheel.

I decided to write down everything I learned in the process to help out others who are having similar problems to mine.

And here's the website for that purpose.  I have bodice making instructions which I hope will help a few other people achieve what I wanted to achieve, without as much angst. So they don't have to spend as much money as I did in the pursuit of a set of blocks that can be used to make comfortable, well-fitting clothes.

I hope to add a lot more information over the years.

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