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Part 8: Esmod Block Making Course

Money straight down the drain

This one won’t take long.

I saw an advertisement for the Esmod school of patternmaking in 2009.  They had lots of short night courses. It was really close to work and not that far from home.  Very convenient, wouldn’t take long to get there or home….

No excitement, no sense of relief.  A sense of impending doom, maybe. How many times had I thought “Things Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Again!”

The first course I signed up for we were going to make our own set of blocks, and toiles from the blocks. I talked to the teacher. Yep, we would make blocks that fit.  He would work with me to make sure.

I paid $475, plus about $150 of the particular equipment they wanted us to buy,  and went to two classes.  We were just finishing off our Bodice Blocks and would soon make our toile.

I turned up for the third class and there was a sign on the door.  They had gone bust and gone into receivership.  No hope of getting any money back; only full-time students who had paid thousands of dollars for full-time courses would get any recompense.

$475 down the drain (…I could still use the equipment).

But that didn’t stop me trying Yet Another Course.

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