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This website is a work in progress.  I went live on 1 January 2018 with a fair amount of content; mainly Principles and Block Making Instructions  At this time I also had a few Elements and four patterns. I hope be adding a new pattern with the relevant details in the Elements pages on a monthly basis  – e.g. a Pattern with Raglan Sleeve will mean adding the instructions for making the pattern plus adding the details of the Raglan Sleeve to the Elements Pages. Below is a summary of the information and products available on this website at the time it went live. At the very bottom is a list of what I plan to add to the website on an ongoing basic.

Directions on how to make your own personalized blocks for:

  • Close Fitting Bodice Block
  • Sleeve Block (a Fitted Sleeve for the Close Fitting Bodice Block)
  • 2-Dart Skirt Block
  • Pants Block
  • Sleeveless Block
  • Torso Block
  • 1-Dart Skirt Block
  • Extended Line Dress Block

Basic Principles of Patternmaking:

  • An overview of patternmaking
  • Manipulating Darts
  • Added Fullness
  • Contouring

Some Elements:

  • Button Extension
  • 6 collars
  • 4 sleeves

Down-loadable Blocks

These Blocks can be purchased, downloaded and printed on A4 paper. Instructions and a sample are given.  You can refer to the list of measurements each Block is made for, and find if there are ones (Bodice Block, Pants Block, etc) that fit you.  If you just don’t want to be bothered making your own, or if it seems too hard.  They were made by grading a middle-sized pattern made for a Standard Figure.

Third Scale Blocks for working through the Pattern Making examples – for practice.

Practice making the patterns with Third Scale Blocks. All you will need is a bit of cardboard to stick the Third Scale Block onto, some scissors, paper and pencil, and you can work through the Patternmaking exercises.  Once you do enough exercises and patterns, you will learn the theory and be able to apply it to making your own patterns.  Which you then use to create your own designs.


There are a number of articles; some with general information, some with detailed explanations.

The following will be added over the course of the next year:

  • More collars, sleeves, skirts, etc.
  • Articles
  • Personalized Block Making Service: You supply the measurements, I will send you your printable blocks.  You will have to supply the cardboard to create a working block.
  • Fitting Issues pages: Covering how to make adjustments to Commercial Patterns, and details on how, if you make your own personalized block using the directions on this website, you will avoid this problem in your own block.

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  1. Wow is this supposed to be called a website. I would call it an encyclopedia 🙂 u r Marvelous and very talented in presenting such theoretically practical content online. How to subscribe to anything new u publish here? Pl let me know

  2. Hello Diya

    Thanks for visiting, and I am glad you are finding the content useful.

    I used to have a ‘sign up for my newsletter’ option but I removed it a couple of months ago. Writing a Newsletter was just another task I didn’t have time to do. I don’t make any/much money on my website – I don’t even cover costs – and at the moment I just can’t afford to be spending time on writing more free content.

    Everything currently on my website will always be free as long as the website is up, but in future I will probably be publishing pattern instructions in downloadable booklets and charge for them ($5 or so). However that’s not going to happen for a few months yet as I have other priorities.

    Chances are that any future free stuff will in video format. Although I haven’t published anything on Youtube for a few months, if you subscribe to my Youtube channel you will be notified if/when I do publish something.

    If you do want to subscribe, click on Videos in the Main Menu, click on the Watch on Youtube button on any of the vidoes, then click on Subscribe.


  3. Hello! I wanted to leave a comment to express that I am a beginner seamstress and budding pattern drafter (due to having uncommon proportions), and have found this website unbelievably helpful in implementing my own designs on a number of different fabric types. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the effort and guidance!

    Agreed with the previous comment about the encyclopedia-like knowledge kept here. This website is a treasure trove, and I am so grateful to have it as a resource!

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